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Deca Sports (Wii)


Deca Sports offers an immersive experience for players of any age, motivating them to get off of the couch and up on their feet for hours of entertainment. The game offers a wide variety of sporting events and activities, some rarely seen in a video game. Designed with pick-up-and-play intuitive controls for the Wii Remote and in three sports, the Nunchuk, Deca Sports also includes advanced controls for power spikes, curls, and mid-air tricks for the gamer!


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Product Description

<ul><li>Multi-Sports Competition Experience intense multi-sports competition across 10 sporting events. Smash, spike and smoke the competition across all of the included events: Badminton, Beach Volleyball, Supercross, Snowboard Cross, Archery, Figure Skating.</li><li>Multiple Gameplay Modes Face off with the competition in multiple gameplay modes including Open Match, Tournament, Deca Challenge, or the ultimate competition in the Deca League.</li><li>Multiplayer Challenge your friends and family in 2-4 player competitions.</li><li>Wii Exclusive Designed specifically for the Wii, Deca Sports takes full advantage of the unique physical interactive capabilities of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.</li><li>ESRB Rating: EVERYONE</li></ul>