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Kinectimals Now With Bears (Xbox 360)


"Kinectimals Now with Bears" invites children, their parents and animal lovers of all ages to build lasting friendships with some of the world’s most exotic creatures. Just like real pets, your "Kinectimals Now with Bears" cubs and bears will come running when they hear your voice; respond to commands, such as "jump," "roll over" and "play dead"; and purr with joy when you scratch them behind their ears. With your brand new pet and your loveable guides, Bumble and Lina, you will embark on two journeys across mysterious islands and build a heartwarming bond with your feline and bear cubs while exploring the islands’ many secrets.


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Product Description

<ul><li>"Nice to meet you." Your journey begins when you adopt and name one of five playful cats – Lion, Royal Bengal Tiger, Cheetah, Leopard or Panther – or one of five adventurous bears – Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Cinnamon Bear, Panda Bear or Polar Bear. Discover the lush environments on the islands as you journey with your cub to unlock 10 more animals during the course of your journeys to solve the Legend of Felis Aurum and the Fiddler’s Quest, including Glacier Bear.</li><li>Create memories that last a lifetime. From the first time she recognizes her name to when she learns to roll over, your cub will grow up as your sidekick and friend, eager to discover the environment around you. Use your voice and body to teach your pet new tricks and build a bond that grows.</li><li>The fun never ends. Train your pet to perform tricks, such as fetch; play activities, including jump rope and juggling; and even master agility courses with hops, stops and balancing acts. Of course, there is always time to care for your pet by feeding, bathing and grooming, too.</li><li>Get Competitive. Engage in challenges with your pet to earn Achievements and improve your Gamerscore, or team up and compete with friends and family members and their pets to see who can score the highest. Plus, win cool rewards for your Xbox 360 Avatar.</li><li>Collect and customize. Travel far and wide to collect hundreds of different treasures and toys. You can customize your pet and decorate your home, plus use the in-game store to shop for items to nurture and care for your new best friend.</li><li>Plush Pals. Bring your pet to life with a variety of collectible "Kinectimals" plush pals (sold separately), including the White Tiger, Bornean Clouded Leopard, Polar Bear and other cuddly cubs. Plus, select Build-A-Bear Workshop furry friends including Champ – A Champion Fur Kids, Colorful Hearts Bear, Endless Hearts Teddy and Peace & Hearts Bear, will include Microsoft Tag technology, which imports these furry friends right into the game when scanned with the Kinect for Xbox 360.</li><li>ESRB Rating: EVERYONE</li></ul>