LeapFrog LeapTV Educational Active Video Game System

December 5, 2014 - Comment

Get minds and bodies moving, the educational, active video gaming system built just for kids ages 3-8 years. Gets minds and bodies moving Educational, active video gaming system Built just for kids ages 3-8 Three ways to play Library of 100+ educator-approved games and videos that teach skills from reading to mathematics (sold separately) From

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Get minds and bodies moving, the educational, active video gaming system built just for kids ages 3-8 years. Gets minds and bodies moving Educational, active video gaming system Built just for kids ages 3-8 Three ways to play Library of 100+ educator-approved games and videos that teach skills from reading to mathematics (sold separately) From LeapFrog, the award-wining creator of educational entertainment

Active video gaming made smart.

Gaming just got smarter with LeapTV, the educational, active video gaming system built just for kids ages 3-8 years. Kids learn through motion as they jump and dance through innovative, engaging curriculum. With a library of 100+ LeapFrog educator-approved games and videos, kids never run out of fun!*

Learning fun that grows with your child

LeapTV games start at the appropriate age or grade level to support children’s developmental needs and milestones.* As your child progresses, the curriculum automatically adjusts for just the right challenge. The LeapTV controller’s hint button means help is close at hand! If a child gets stuck, they can press the hint button for in-game tutorials.** Tutorials teach underlying concepts to help children gain the understanding they need to advance through the levels.

Made just for young kids

With its simple interface, a controller engineered for little hands and camera optimized to capture a child’s movements, LeapTV transcends the kid-friendly claims of other game systems. LeapTV games include audio instructions for kids who don’t yet read, so even the youngest preschool kids can play. And parents can have peace of mind: All LeapTV games and videos are designed, reviewed or approved by in-house learning experts, who are always looking for new age-appropriate ways to foster kids’ skills and confidence

What’s in the box

LeapTV console Console stand Motion-sensing camera Camera mount 1 transforming controller with wrist strap 6′ HDMI cable 6′ camera cord AC power adapter

The LeapTV video game system puts learning motion in 3 ways: body motion, pointer play and classic control.

Body Motion

The camera captures kids’ movements—no controller needed. Kids run, hop and tip-toe to guide Disney Sofia the First along a woodland obstacle course using reading skills. In LeapFrog Sports, children power up math skills as they wave their arms to defend goals, karate-chop fast-moving shapes, scuba dive and more. Kids can also use their energy for creative movements like wiggling and spinning in LeapFrog Dance & Learn. In some games, they’ll even be able to see themselves on TV!*

Pointer Play

Pointer play takes pretend play to new levels of engagement. It’s easy to use the pointer because it’s made for kids’ hands. When kids swivel the controller with a simple click, they instantly have a pointer for snapping jungle vines and slicing through coconuts with Jake from Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates! They can go from the island to the city, and play as Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man. Use the pointer to sling webs, swing across tall buildings and save New York!*

Classic control

Classic control puts fun at their fingertips. Press the A and B buttons for fast-paced gaming, or tilt and shake the controller to race in LeapFrog Kart Racing: Supercharged! Solve puzzles with favorite Disney-Pixar characters like Nemo and Dory, Buzz and Woody, Mike and Sulley and more.*

Extensive Library of Games and Videos*

Our original, high-quality games get kids up and active, and our educational videos enhance the learning fun. LeapFrog Learning Experts seamlessly embed reading, mathematics, science and problem-solving curriculum into content featuring kid-favorite characters such as Disney Sofia the First, Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man, Disney Jake and the Never Land Pirates, the Disney-Pixar Collection, Nickelodeon’s Bubble Guppies and more. With a library of 100+ educator-approved games and videos, and a free bonus customizable Pet Play World game with LeapTV registration, kids never run out of fun!


Reading Mathematics Science Problem Solving

Tech specs

Processor: Quad core custom processor 1GHz Hard Disk: 16GB memory built-in Memory: 1GB DDR3 RAM Motion-sensing camera I/O and Communication: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g.n Bluetooth 2.0 and 2.1 Ethernet (port available; cable not included AV output: HDMI 720p Game format: Custom cartridges and digital downloads


Does the LeapTV system come with a game?

Yes, with parent account registration you get a bonus game, Pet Play World, in which children can create and customize their own pets and the pets’ world. Using the camera, pointer and classic controller, kids take care of their pets by washing, feeding and exercising them and playing a series of fun, active games that teach core skills in mathematics and reading.

What content is available for the LeapTV system?

The LeapTV system is compatible with a library of 100+ LeapFrog educator-approved titles, including 80+ videos, 24 game downloads and 9 game cartridges. LeapTV games feature kid-favorite characters and popular play patterns that kids love. Games and videos sold separately.

How are LeapTV games educational?

LeapTV games are designed by LeapFrog learning experts to be age-appropriate, educational and to support children’s developmental needs and milestones. Games are developed with kids’ favorite characters and popular gameplay patterns to keep kids engaged with the curriculum, which includes reading, mathematics, science and problem solving. In select titles, games automatically adjust to your child’s learning level for just the right challenge

Are there multiplayer games?

Yes, at launch we have many multiplayer games available, including the bonus game (Pet Play World), several game downloads and five game cartridges (LeapFrog Dance & Learn, LeapFrog Sports, Nickelodeon Dora & Friends, Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man and LeapFrog Kart Racing: Supercharged!). Plus, the library is always growing.

Is there Internet or Wi-Fi on the LeapTV console?

An available Internet connection is required. The LeapTV console connects to the Internet with Wi-Fi (built-in) or Ethernet (cable sold separately) to download games and videos. The LeapTV system is kid-safe and does not allow Internet browsing.

Why is there a camera included? Are there motion games?

The LeapTV system puts learning in motion three ways: body motion, pointer play and classic control. The camera is used only to track body motion and movement of the controller during gameplay.

Is the LeapTV system easy to set up?

The LeapTV system comes with a simple startup guide that takes you step-by-step through the setup process. Setup is as simple as connecting the components to the TV, turning on the system, and then following the on-screen instructions. As this is a motion-based system, there are also guidelines on how to clear the play area for safe play.

What you will need: 2 AA batteries for the transforming controller and a Wi-Fi Internet connection. Optional: Ethernet cable for Internet connection.

*Games and videos sold separately. Computer, phone or tablet with internet connection required for parent account setup. The LeapTV system works only with LeapTV games and videos.

**Select games only. Sold separately. Some games and videos not available until year end 2014.

Disney elements © Disney; © 2014 VIACOM INTERNATIONAL, INC. All rights reserved. © MARVEL marvelkids.com

Product Features

  • Get minds and bodies moving with LeapTV, the educational, active video gaming system built just for kids ages 3-8 years.
  • Teaches reading, mathematics, science and problem solving skills. (Games sold separately.)
  • Easy to play 3 ways: body motion, pointer play and classic control. Transforming controller works in two modes.
  • Includes console, camera, mount, transforming controller, HDMI cable, AC power adapter, 16GB of memory and built-in Wi-Fi/Ethernet port for downloads.
  • Works with 100+ LeapFrog educator-approved LeapTV cartridge games, game downloads and videos; kids will never run out of fun!


V. Hutson says:

Good Gaming System As an educator and mother I’ve been curious about the educational value of Leapfrog products for years and I finally got the opportunity to try LeapTv.My conclusions are: If you want an inexpensive, easy to use video game console that includes a camera that allows your child to see themselves in the game, and you are moderately interested in having it include an educational aspect that your child will unfortunately outgrow in two or three years–then this may be the console you are looking for.Pros:1. Your children get to see themselves on the screen–this is probably the coolest feature!2. Cheaper than other camera based video setups such as Kinect for Xbox 360 or the PlayStation Eye.3. Easy to set up and use.4. Does include both physical and educational value.Neutrals:1. About as accurate as the Kinect or PlayStation Eye–which means that it is accurate about 80% of the time.Negatives:1. Your child…

Mommy's Favorites says:

Awesome investment for my little guy that is learning and having fun My son is four years old and LOVES his LeapFrog LeapTV. The device is impressive to me because there is a lot of versatility in the way that kids are able to play – using body gestures, a controller, or converting the controller to more of a pointer shape/direction. I also like the mix of physical activity with accomplishing educational objectives such as practicing math, reading, and problem solving. My son is a bit obsessed with the game that lets you have a virtual pet. His is a cat that he loves to play games in order to get points and progress in levels so that he is able to do nice things for his cat. It’s funny – he’s so responsible for this virtual cat! He takes it very seriously.Another thing that I like is that my son is 4 years old. The device targets ages 3 to 8. I like how some of the games adjust to the child’s skill level so that it is easier now and tightens up as he gets older. It’s all about having fun and learning, so I am glad that it adjusts to my…

Lisa Kirkley says:

Great first game console for young kids! Thank you LeapFrog for providing me with a LeapTV, free of charge, for review. These are my own honest opinions.My son has never really caught on with the mainstream video game consoles that are on the market. We’ve tried a couple, even ones with motion controllers and ones with a camera. He just couldn’t catch on. When LeapFrog approached me about reviewing the LeapTV, I thought since it’s LeapFrog, surely this is a video game console Davey can use! LeapFrog has done it again, creating an amazing video game system, specially designed for young kids. My son caught on so quickly with this system and has had so much fun with it!Our LeapTV for review was pre-loaded with most of the available LeapTV games. My son was so excited to see a racing game and a dancing game! Some games are more classic, played with the controller’s joystick and buttons. Other games are played with the motion of the controller. Other games are played with a camera,…

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